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Dear Santa

Kade: Dear Santa. I have been trying to be a good boy this year. I am actually making money, and I moved my family so they can be closer to family to name a couple of things. I have a Christmas list on Do you use a computer? I’m sure one of your elves can help you with it. I also have one thing not on the Amazon list. Its a rib rub and bbq sauce recipes. They can be found here, tell your elf to scroll to the bottom to find the buy button. I think my family will really like it.

Thanks Santa

Santa (AKA Ashley): Dear Kade,
I have noticed that you have been trying to be good and that you and your family are doing much better and are happy to be close to family. I do use a computer and will have to make sure to check out your Amazon and other website to see if I can’t manage to bring you a special present. Continue to be good and you never know more than one might show up Christmas morning. Good luck and continue being the best you can be.


Kade: WOW Thanks Santa. I’m also very impressed that you use a computer. Not many people at your age use a computer, or are alive. I bet internet is expensive up there.

Santa: Well thanks for acknowledging my age. I try to forget. Remember I have lots of helpers but I have tried to stay up on the latest and greatest in technology as to not disappoint the children. This is an age of computers and games. Have to make sure they aren’t asking for things that aren’t good for them :) As for the internet, isn’t magic amazing. I’ll leave it at that.

Price Family Thanksgiving

Ashley and I had Thanksgiving dinner with the Sperry’s this year. It was a lot of fun. Everyone was there and we eat way to much. LaRee did a great job with the turkey and fixings and everyone else did a great job with the side dishes. We had a lot of good conversation and the cousins had a lot of fun playing together. Then on Saturday we ate at my parents with the Tubbs’ and Bowdrie (Soon to be a family :) ). We had a lot of fun there. Again the food was great and we eat way to much. Austin told me that I had the Elders Quorum lesson for the next day. So that was great :). Just before dinner I was running back to the house and I saw this on the horizon so I had to stop and get a picture. The day before I had just gotten a brand new tripod and I had been carriyng it and my camera everywhere I went in hopes to use it.   I finally got the chance I was pretty excited. The picture turned out pretty good.

Winter in Malad

Winter has started to show its head in Malad. Saturday we got 6 inches or so. It was one of those snow storms where there is the big flakes and it is just coming down slow. I had to run over to my parents to throw some hay to a few horses. I decided to grab my camera and get a few pictures. I got a few that turned out. The kids thought it was great to play in the snow. Ashley and I however were working in the house trying to get it finished painted so we could finish moving in. The good news is that most of the stuff in the house is done so we are able to start getting organized. However we still have a lot of stuff in mom and dads garage. We would like to get that out so they can have that side of their garage back.

Here is a few pics that I took.

Our New House

Well I have gotten a few request for pictures so I took a few. The basement isn’t done yet so we are still just living upstairs. The outside is pretty big. We have a lot of room and a bunch of fruit trees. Braylee thinks it is great that she can walk out and grab an apple. However all but one tree has some fruit on it so she will have to wait until next year. We also have about 30 chickens but they are all underfeed so they aren’t laying right now. I’m going to have to take care of that harvest a few because feed is expensive. I want to try and smoke a chicken too. Bralyee and Gavin have spent a lot of time outside. They are loving it. They also can’t wait for it to snow. We had a small snow storm that left a little snow. They thought that was great but they want the deep stuff. Ash and I aren’t all that excited about it. I’m going to have to get some snow boots and some pants that can handle it. I haven’t had to worry about it while in Nampa, but now I’ll have to go sledding with the kids. It will be fun.

Here is a slide show, If you click on the picture it will take you to the actual picture where I have put captions.

Moving to Malad

We are now I’m malad. We got in around 2am after packing all day. The new ward was ready to unpack us at 8am. We were pretty beat. When we got there they were still painting and finishing the upstairs. The downstairs was not done so we couldn’t really move in. We unpacked most stuff on the lawn. And got some stuff in the house. We had to get everything out of one trailer so we emptied it and most of the other until we got the stuff we needed. We then loaded the rest back up in the other trailer. We still need to unload it in my parents garage. We have the kitchen almost done, most of our room, and kallens. The other two I are supposed to be down stairs but their room still needs new drywal and my office needs painted. We should be able to get finished after next week. Right now were are crashing at my parents. We are tired and ready for a quite Sunday.

Glenn Beck Talks about Home Schooling and gets a little personal about attacks on Mormons

Hey everyone. Glenn Beck is no longer on Fox because he wanted the freedom of teaching people about important things. He offered last nights program for free and has provided a link for it. I have embedded it below. Puts most of his time into home schooling and talks about why it is so important now. Him and his wife home school their youngest two. There was also an article in New York Times yesterday that was very anti-mormon. It was really bad from what I hear. He talks about it and talks about wearing his garments. Its interesting

13:30 – Talks about Mormons
33:00- Talks about home school.

Moving to Malad

well its official  we have decided to move to malad. i work from home as a programmer and we dont have a reason to stay in Nampa, other then our friends and ward. however family trumps both of those and Utah will provide more opportunities for work for us. we are excited to be close to family again. we are not sure how soon. we have put our house up for rent. once it is rented we will make the move. we will miss all our close friends and the realtionships here. we feel its time to move our family to the next stage of our lives and we want family to be a close part, but not to close :)

Our Braylee

So, Braylee has started to learn my cues. She can tell when I am going to say no, probably because I always say it. The other day she came up to me and said, “I pee on the bugs outside.” So I asked when and where and she said that she wanted too.

Before I could say no she said, “Just kidding that’s naughty.” She already knew that it was wrong and was testing me to see if I was really going to let her this time.
I think that she wants to be a boy in this respect. She has been trying to stand to pee on the toilet. She gets the stool and puts it in front of the toilet and then squats but not enough to touch the toilet. I am not sure where she has gotten this idea in her head, but she thinks it is great. We’ll see how long it lasts. All us girls know how hard it is to squat without anything there.
What will she think of next.

Price Reunion

So this year instead of going to Bear Lake we stayed up at emigration canyon. It was nice other then the mosquitoes. They were bad because of all the water. But the camp ground wasn’t to bad, we had some big tables to work on and we had a big fire pit. However it was on the side of a hill so putting a tent out was a bit exciting. We put ours under a big pine tree and fought to keep at the top of our tent. I made a marshmallow canon that was a big hit, so big that when it hit Ruxton it bloodied both of his nostrils …oops.

The three year olds had a lot of fun playing together. On Friday we went down to Riverdale. I can’t say to much good about it. It is expensive and ran down. But we still had fun. We had a big thunderstorm roll in followed by a big dust storm, followed by sideways rain and hail. However we had a lot of fun. By Saturday we were getting camped out and ready to get home. But before we went home we went to Soda to watch Maystin play baseball. It was a lot of fun.

I just noticed this is our 100th post. THATS AWESOME. CONGRATULATION YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now enjoy the slide show.