Easter was pretty fun at our house this year. The kids were really excited. Gavin more so then ever. He loved doing Easter egg hunts. For months the kids have been hiding eggs around the yard and finding them.

It all started on Saturday. We went to the city easter egg hunt. The kids loved it. It was Kallens first hunt. He figured it out really quick. He would walk around grab an egg and plunk it into the basket. It was really cute.

Then we went home, and I started smoking a ham. Gavin wanted to do his own Easter egg hunt so he got a bunch of eggs, filled them with his candy, and his own money, and hid them. Then he made all of us go out, stand on the side walk to get ready and started us out. Kallen thought it was pretty fun to go get more eggs. Well we got all the eggs and went back inside. Braylee had found an empty egg and wanted to know why. While I was in the kitchen working on something I could hear the whole conversation. Gavin proceeded to explain to Braylee that she was lucky to get that egg, because it represent the resurrection when “tube” (His words) was empty. He proceeded to explain to her that Easter isn’t about the candy its about the resurrection. It was pretty neat to listen from the other room as my little boy described to his little sister the true importance of Easter.

Saturday was spent at my parents place (Kade). We had a lot of fun. We got to see the new baby, and Dezi and Trevor were there trying to pull themselves back together and get ready for the long haul of the NICU.

Sunday was pretty fun. The kids got up and saw what the Easter bunny had brought, and did yet another egg hunt. We went to church in their new close, then we went back over to my parents for an hour or so while we waited for all the Sperry’s to get out of church. We then went over there did yet another egg hunt, and dinner and spent some good time visiting with family. All in all it was pretty fun. Even if the one picture doesn’t really say so :).

Spring break to SLC

Monday and Tuesday we took a trip down to SLC and stayed the night. The kids had a blast. We first stopped in at the Tree house museum in Ogden and played around. There is a lot of stuff to do there and the kids stayed busy the whole time. Kallen thought it was great too. He has all kinds of room to run around and he could play with everything he saw. We then went to SLC and checked into our hotel. The kids were so excited to go swimming that we had to go right then. So we spent a couple of hours swimming. They thought it was great. We then went to the new mall across from temple square (City Creek). It was really cool there. It is an indoor/outdoor mall that crosses over one of the streets. It has water fountains and a creek running though it. We took the kids over to the Disney store where the could pick something out to buy with their money. I went into the Porche store to see the prices. I looked at a jacket and it was $2,600. CRAZY!!. We then walked across temple square and to the conference center. We got a tour that was pretty cool. I hadn’t been on top of the conference center before. It is really cool up there. We then took the kids back and they crashed. The next morning though they were up again to go swimming. So we did that and then we headed to the Hogle Zoo. They kids had fun there too. There is a baby elephant there that they all liked. We also saw a baby monkey that was tiny. Everyone was pretty wore out by then. So we headed out. We stopped at Ogden to see Aunt Dezi in the hospital after giving birth to Statlyn (sp). He was only 4 lbs 4 ounces. So we couldn’t see him. Kallen fell asleep when we left the zoo. He didn’t wake up when we stopped at the hospital, or at costco, or to gas up. He was out, the poor guy was tired. All in all it was pretty fun. We finished the day out by going over to the Tubb’s and seeing Maysi’s new one Taggert (sp). Who just got home the night before. Yep two new cousins. One on the 1st and the other on the 2nd.

Gavin being silly

Gavin found my helmet in the green house. He then decided that it would be really cool to put it on and play star wars. In the video he is in a star fighter or what ever they are called, and he is shooting down droids.

Braylee on the other hand wanted to play baseball.

Gavins First Wrestling Match

Gavin had his first wrestling match last night. It was here in Malad. The way it works is that they weigh the kids, and write on their hands their age, weight, and skill level. Then they pair 4 of them up into a pod and wrestle them. They wrestle once, and then the two winners wrestle and the to looses wrestle. He had a lot of fun. He lost both his matches. But he did really well. He surprised all of us. He has only had 4 practices, and I’ve only worked on the double leg take down, standing up to get away and a bit on the half. He showed a lot of skill for someone who doesn’t really know what he is doing. The other kids have already wrestled for a couple of years and have a pretty good idea of whats going on. We were all proud of him, and he was super excited to get a medal.


So there hasn’t been much snow this year. And when it does come it only lasts a few days and its gone. So Ashley and the kids took advantage of what little snow we had, and the little hill our drive way is on. They all seemed to have fun. And there is a picture of Kallen running around in the buff playing in a pop up play house.

Kallens First B-Day

Kallen turned on on the 5th. We had family over for cake and ice cream. It was pretty fun. He got a lot of really cool gifts from family, and he loved the cake that Aunt Megan made him. It was a bugs bunny cake. He really liked it when we all sang to him and he would stop and clap when everyone clapped. It was pretty cute.

Oh the Picture of Maestin was just funny. He gets that look from mom. He wasn’t being onory or anything, that’s just the relaxed look.

Fresh beef.

So this weekend we got the finished steer from mom. We took a quarter of it we’re excited to have some fresh meat in the house. I planned to cook a steak on friday but it wasn’t thawed out yet so we had hamburgers instead. So I plan to cook a steak on saturday. But ashley wanted a smoked pulled pork instead. So I went and got a pork and fired up a smoker and smoke it for 3 hours with my rub. I let it smoke till it was at about 140 degrees. Then I am wrapped in foil and put it in the oven until it was just over 200 degrees. It was supposed to get to 208 degrees but I ran out of time. We invited the Tubbs over for dinner and the pork had to rest for two hours so I had to finish it to get done. One I hit 200 I pulled it out rapped it in a towel and let it rest for as long as I could. Until the Tubbs got there. While it was resting I wipped up a batch of my BBQ sauce. I then pulled it and covered it in sauce. Ashley pulled some of her homemade rolls out of the freezer and cooked them and she also, are some crock pot Mac and cheese. She also made an angle foodcake, strawberry, creamcheese role. It was all really good. The smoked pulled pork on homemade rolls was pretty awesome. Oh yea and it was fun having the Tubbs over. Mom and dad must have known about the food because they showed up, and dad couldn’t leave without some pulled pork, and dessert.

So I was going to cook the stakes on Sunday but Michael and Cami had stake conference so that ment he was free afterwords. So they came up and did some county style ribs. It was good and the kids had fun playing

So know its Monday. The stakes were ready and waiting. At around one I put them in a bag with some oil and my rub and let them marinate. at around 4:30 I buttered some potatoes covered them in my rub, rapped them in foil and baked them. Ashley was shopping with Megan and her Mom. So when she pulled in around 6 I fired up the grill and let it get to 600. I trimmed the stakes and threw them on. At about 90 seconds I did a quarter turn on them, then at about another 90 seconds I flipped them and put them on the cool side and let them cook for about another 5 minutes. I let the bigger on get to 160 and pulled them off, I covered them in foil and let them rest for 10 minutes to let the juice settle back in. This gave me time to get out the potatoes. I put them on the stakes to help keep them warm. I set the table, and got everyone around the table. By then the 10 minutes were up and it was time to eat. I cut Gavin around 3 ounces. I didn’t think he would eat it all, it was a lot for him. He took a bite and exclaimed how good the meat was. He did that with almost every bite. At one point he got up, came over, told me how good it was, thanked me, and gave me a hug. He eat all of it, and had two more helpings from Ashley’s. I have to say it was pretty good. Mine was between medium and medium rare. It was a beautiful pink and just melted. Ashley likes hers a little more done, but even though is was a little pinker then she likes, she still really liked it.

I think I know what I’m going to be cooking this summer. Maybe next weekend I’ll smoke a pot roast, and maybe pull it too.

However this is not and open event, it’s by invitation only :-)

Kallen entertaining us.

Last night we went to a party with members of our old university ward. We meet at bishop Moore’s house. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone again wi all their kids. We got home late dropped Kallen’s schedule. So instead of being asleep, he was playing around in the front room. He crawled over to his sippy cup and started drinking from. This was actually a first for him, but not why I started recording. He would suck the air out of it, and then listen to it squeal look at it sucked the air bake in. He thought it was pretty funny. And then he thought he was pretty funny and a saturn giggle. He entertained us for a while. Video is a little bit long but it’s worth it for bring a smile to your face.

Braylee’s comments of the day.

so Braylee has been on a roll today with her comments. We are really not sure where she is getting them.

She was helping Ashley cook, and Ashley needed her to stop doing something. Braylee as usual was not listening so Ashley had to raiser her voice a bit. Braylee responded to this with “mom don’t yell at me in front of my friends”. There were no other people there. unless of course you include her make believe friend yaya.

A few hours later Ashley asked her to stop doing something else and she responded with “mom don’t worry about it”.

A few hours later her and Gavin were watching a movie and eating puppy chow. She came upstairs handed us an empty bowl and told us that Gavin did not want his so she put it in her bowl and then she left with the full bowl to finish her movie.

Christmas 2011

Here is the video I took with my Xoom of Christmas. I have some videos on my DSLR but I have not taken them off yet. I will eventually.

The kids had a good Christmas. They got most of what they were asking for so lucky them. Gavin got a bunch of angry birds stuff and a BB gun. Braylee got a kitchen set, princess closes, and baby stuff. Kallen got some fun toys to play with.

Ashley and I got some stuff for the house, we both got shoes or boots. I got some stuff for my BBQ and Smoker, and she got a skil saw for making crafts.


Whats going on with the price family.