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Follower List

Hey Peoples of the world. I just wanted to cue you in on something. Blogger has a new feature called Follower. This feature allows you to follow a blog and get the most recent post. It is very convenient. If you are in your dashboard you will see a list of blogs that you are following and it shows the most recent posts of all the blogs. I think this feature is to replace the friends. For some reason I can’t add friends to my list but I can add followers. So I’ve been adding my friends to my list of followers that way I can stay up to date on their blog without actually having to go it. I encourage you to do the same and of course please add Ash and I to your list of followers. 

A lazy Blog

I’m sitting here on my couch blogging from my phone. I’m to lazy to go to my computer. With it being Sunday and all it has been a relaxing day. Ash and I went to a friends to plan our trip to Alaska. I have to tell you that we are pretty excited. We’re going with 2 other couples and they are blown away with the accommodations at pep and shayne’s. We are excited to go up there and are them. We are really excited about tomorrow and pep having the baby. Well its getting time to head to bed. Later
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Gavin Ridding a Horse

Our friend Becky has a few horses and Gavin asked if he could comeout and ride. She was more then happy to let him come out and ride.

They even let Ashley get on Sweet Pea. Thats Becky’s horse. Ashley really seemed to enjoy it.

Gavin and Braylee sitting on the horses together. She wasn’t so sure about it but Gavin thought it was pretty cool. Everyone seemed to have a good time
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Figuring this thing out

I got to tell you that this has been a bit of a challenge to figure this thing out. I’m not sure I like the way that I have everything setup but you will just have to deal with it for now. As a matter of fact I’m not sure that anyone knows that this blog is even up. I did learn something cool though. I can send an email and it will get posted to the blog for me. So when I’m on the road I can pull out my blackberry and post an email to let everyone in the world know what I’m doing. …..”I’m pooping”….