Great Experence

So as many of you know I’ve had to opportunity to help start a business. During the beginning stages of everything I mentioned to Dianne (the person that I’m in business with) that I was LDS, The next conversation with her she asked if I had my temple card. I told her I did and after that I became the question, answer guy. She grilled me for about two weeks about different topics and subjects of the church and the gospel. I told mom and dad about it and mom asked if she had a Book of Mormon. She didn’t and Ashley remembered that Platt was living in Laramie WY. So I tracked a number down for Platt and asked him to get her a Book of Mormon. It was over from there. Dianne couldn’t put the book down. Platt had become her new best friend.

Keep in mind that I had never meet Dianne in person.

Well the questions kept coming and at one stage she started to get sick. I explained to her about priesthood blessing and told her that Platt could come by with someone to give her one if she wanted. She was a little skeptical at first but did a little research and then scheduled it herself. She thought it was awesome and wanted everyone to get one and wanted to put it on her blog so everyone would know that they could have one. She was really on fire.

Well this was about 4-5 weeks ago. She kept reading and learning. Then she started telling people that she was a dry Mormon and she found out that there are a lot of people that she knew that were also members. We work with companies across the country and one guy (the ceo of one of our SIP trunk providers) told her that he was prompted by the spirit to tell her that he was LDS. This just kept happening to her. Well she was getting ready to move to Nampa and didn’t really want to go to church there but wanted to go here. She moved here two weeks ago
today. She went to church the first time 2 Sundays ago. Two Wednesdays ago she meet with the missionaries for the first time and her first question to them was “how soon can I get baptized?” There question was “When was the last time you had a cigarette?” Her response, “Yesterday”. Missionaries “A week from tomorrow”. And thats exactly what happened. I had the opportunity of baptizing and confirming Dianne a member of the church last night. She couldn’t even get any work done yesterday she was so excited. She can’t wait until she can go to the temple and she keeps bugging the bishop to make her a ward missionary. She is pretty cool and this has been a pretty awesome experience for Ashley and I.

Ashley Danceing

Ok I thought that I put a post on on the blog from my phone but I guess it didn’t happen. Anyway it was kind of dumb. In one sentence. I haven’t posted for a bit and people are starting to complain, we’re great thanks. I had to use a comma to keep it in one sentence. I don’t even know if I should have. Now diagraming sentences would come in handy. OHH THAT I HAD PAID ATTENTION IN ENGLISH. Other then blogging what a complete waist of time. I’m so glad that I bluffed my way through high school. 

Anyway onto the post. I have a few videos of me on the blog but not of Ashley. She had to participate in a talent show for the youth, and since she is in the YW prez they had to do something. The rest follows. 

Family Update

Here are some pictures that we took during Thanksgiving. We had a lot of fun out at Ma and Pa Prices’ especially the boy cousins. After we had dinner we took some family photos and then we did a little motorcycle barrel racing. it was pretty fun. Bowd won and I ate it in the dirt. Maybe I’ll put that vid up. All in All it was a lot of fun.

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Here is our family just before trick-or-treating.  Gavin insisted that Braylee have whiskers just like him.  Of course Kade was Michael Vick, football star gone bad with dog fighting a few years ago.  Aren’t they all so adorable.

This is one of Gavin’s best friends, Kassie.  She was a bride.  Her mom is so handy she made her dress and veil for her.  They were so cute and had a lot of fun.  Every time someone would give them candy they would come back and tell us the saying trick-or-treat worked.  Then when they came to a house that didn’t open the door they would say that it didn’t work at that house.  They got a lot of candy and had a blast.  

Video Magic :)

I’ve been playing around with video editing software (Vegas 8) and I’ve been having some fun. I put up a green screen in my garage so I can do some special effects. The other night I had an idea. Gavin was getting ready for bed and came into the room with his gun (I don’t know what that has to do with getting ready for bed) but I thought it would be cool if I could get a shot of gavin shooting then add the special effects. so this is the result. it only took me a few minutes to do and I thought it was cool. 
But of course what would the world be like if there were two of me. Now that is a scarry thought. but it was fun to do. this one only took me a few minutes and I didn’t even need to use the green screen. I just setup in my kitchen and then did the editing. 

Baking Day

It was baking day at the Price’s and even Gavin got to help.  He thought that it was so cool that we were painting the cinnamin rolls.  They tasted as good as they look. :)
I also attempted my first batch of French bread.   Needs some practice on appearance, but they sure tasted good.  

Whats going on with the price family.