Hey Everyone. My name is Braylee. I’m the middle of 3 kids. I have one older brother Gavin and one younger brother Kallen. Being in a brother sandwich isn’t to bad though. You see I have my daddy wrapped around my little finger. So I normally get to play with their stuff but they can’t play with my stuff.

I love to ride my bike. I just learned this summer and I’m pretty good. My parents say I’m a crazy woman on my bike. I like to ride fast and turn sharp. I also like to stand up while ridding or to ride without my feet on the pedals. I can even ride Gavins bike. I can’t touch the ground so someone has to help me but once I get going it is a lot of fun. I also love to go on rides on the motorcycle with dad. I sit on the back seat and let the wind blow my hair around. I like it when dad revs the engine so it gets loud.

Don’t think that I’m just a tom boy though. I love to accessorize and dress up. I dress my self and sometimes I’ll change my close many times during the day. I have a set of princess dresses. I really like wear them with some purple high heels, and sun glasses and walk around like I’m talking on a cell phone. Also when I go into a shoe store I don’t know what to do. There are so many cute shoes to look at and try on.

I started pre-school this year. It is really fun. I’m learning my letters, and learning how to count. I think counting is pretty fun. I also like to read with Gavin. Sometimes he will read me his books. Sometimes I like to sit with my own book and read to Kallen.

I love to play with my brothers. Gavin lets me play with him and ride bikes with him. I also like to play with Kallen even though he likes to take stuff from me.

I am a price girl. When I start to get hungry I start to get mean. My parents have found that if I haven’t eaten they need to toss me a few grapes and that makes me pleasant again.

I really like to go to nursery. It is a lot of fun to go and learn about Jesus and to color pictures. Soon I will be able to read the scriptures like Gavin does.

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