Another General Conference gone

I would like to take a minute and reflect on General Conference. How exciting is it that we get to listen to our Prophet and Apostles every 6 month. I was intrigued to listen to them speak about economic troubles and how we need to be prepaid both spiritually and physically. I also enjoyed hearing about how we need to get things accomplished today or else we will have a life full of “get it done tomorrows”. Specifically mentioned was making that phone call or writing that letter to a friend. Many times I have a friend or family member come to mind and the thought of “I should call them and see how they are doing” and many times that thought gets pushed back and put on the “Something I can do tomorrow” list. Many times it doesn’t happen. I often wonder how many times a friend of mine was needing some encouragement and the spirit prompted me to be that and I didn’t. I wonder if I have ever hurt someone by not acting. I know it isn’t a very good thought. As I’m writing this I have a few names come to mind that I should have called and now I wonder if it is to late. That in itself is a worse thought. 

Recently I was going through some old files stored on an old hard drive. I found a file that contained thoughts that I’ve had and felt like I should write them down. There were a few I thought I would share. 



Today Ashley and I went shopping, after we voted. We need a few things so we ran over to WINCO. While we were there I had an experience that has left me awake and I feel that it is important to write it down. While we were freely walking around with our cart from place to place (caring not of the effort) and enjoying one another’s company we came to a corner by the bread. As we approached the corner an individual walked around the corner. He was a larger man not very tall his weight was supported on the shopping cart, his feet shuffled along. He moved slowly with great effort his face had the appearance of a mentally handicapped individual. Instinctively I look behind him and waited for someone to follow suit assuming he was under someone’s care and he was merely pushing the full cart, but no one followed. I was a little surprised as we got close I noticed that he wasn’t in the best of hygiene, and as we passed Ashley mentioned the smell of the donuts. This brought my attention to smell and what I smelled was cologne that was coming from the man, not a strong smell but a smell that was about right. With this last detail a large picture came to my mind. He was an individual that had physical handicaps, but it didn’t stop him. Most people would look down on him, but by the simple smell of cologne I knew it was different. Here he was alone no one helping him. His cart was full and by watching him move along I knew that was no easy task, and then the cologne. He was aware of himself and of others around him he had done what so many of us men do without thinking and put cologne on. Not for him though but for us. I then looked at myself. Here I am able to effortlessly move about and do what I want (just earlier today at work I was scaling around like a monkey on some racks that we built) next to me was the most amazing women in the world there as my eternal companion. I had everything yet while standing by him I felt like he had everything and I was nothing.

            I have come in contact with a lot of special people, and every time I feel like a lesser of a person then they. They are so strong and don’t complain about life while I am physically and mentally able to perform almost any task yet I complain about having to go to the store.

            I lie awake tonight wondering if I served under some of these people in the preexistence. Maybe that is why I fill a bond with them. They might have been some of the most respected people in the pre-existence and today are thought of as a nuisance. We fill sorry for them, while they should fill sorry for us. They have already proved themselves once and by my standards they are doing it again. If I could measure up to the spiritual person that they do then maybe, just maybe I would feel like I have accomplished something.

I have to admit that almost 6 years later I still fill the same and reading this again brings a tear to my eye and I don’t really know why. 

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