Gavin Ridding a Horse

Our friend Becky has a few horses and Gavin asked if he could comeout and ride. She was more then happy to let him come out and ride.

They even let Ashley get on Sweet Pea. Thats Becky’s horse. Ashley really seemed to enjoy it.

Gavin and Braylee sitting on the horses together. She wasn’t so sure about it but Gavin thought it was pretty cool. Everyone seemed to have a good time
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3 thoughts on “Gavin Ridding a Horse”

  1. I am so excited you’ve decided to join the world of Blog!! I love the pics…now I can keep track of you guys much easier. I’m so happy…I’m getting verklempt…talk amongst yourselves. :)

  2. Hey, I live in Alaska with the Ponds and that sure looks like the Kasilof beach. When did you come to Alaska? We never met!

  3. It’s great to meet someone from AK. I think that you guys were out of town when we were up there and took that photo. Pep said she really wanted us to meet you but it just couldn’t happen.

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