New home

WE ARE IN!!!!. So we have spent the week moving. We got all the big stuff in on Tuesday. Jason Sperry and +Austin Maysi Tubbs helped A LOT on Tuesday to get just about everything big in. The young men cam Tuesday night to help with the rest. We were able to sleep in the house from then on. But there has still been a lot of stuff to get over here and unpacked. +Ashley Price and I have been working all week at moving stuff over, unpacking and loading back up and moving. Ashley has done most of that work.

So today we organized the family to come help get the rest of the stuff. It was a lot of help. Within 2 hours we had the house empty and we everything into the new place. Ashley was able to get over to the old place with some family to clean. We are now done over there. It is now the process of getting everything organized and put away here.

I have most of my stuff done. My office is setup in the mud/laundry room (way better then the basement/cellar). TV mounted and surround sound hooked up (Need cable ties to clean it up), family computer with media server setup, water line ran to the fridge, washer and drier hooked up (first thing). Beds all setup, and other man things that need done :).

We are just glad to be in here and out of the other place. Now only one place to work.

For those who don’t know we have moved into a house that is about 300 yards north of the house I grew up in. I grew up looking at this house as the school bus came around it, then running to get our bags. It is kind of weird to be in here because I never thought I would live in that house. The family that was in here before us (The Beck’s) have put a lot into this house. It will be 100 years old next year and you wouldn’t know it by how solid it is now. It is very warm, cozy, and quite. The walls are all strait and solid. It is amazing for how old it is. We are really grateful to be in this house. It is also on 3 acres that we will first use as a bike track and then later for animals as we decided to get them. Lots of room for the kids.


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