Paxton Wallace Price

Well Paxton is here. He has been with us now for 4 weeks. He is suck a great blessing to have in the family. We were surprised to find that we were having another boy. Braylee was bummed. She is okay with it now though. He was born on Aug 4th 2013 at 11:30. He was 21″ and 6lb 6oz. Ashley is a rock star. She handled everything like a champ. We were at Uncle Michaels and Aunt Cami’s baby blessing for Olivia. She said she was having pretty good contraction during the second hour of church but that she was doing okay. She had been having pretty consistant contractions for a few days. As a matter of fact the night before we went on a walk and I was timing them. She was so consistent while walking that at one point I counted down to when one would start. As soon as I hit 0 it started. She let out a little grunt not really expecting it and then gave me a dirt look and asked why I would do something like that.

Anyways, after church we went to the Sperry’s to have dinner that took a few more hours. She said she was still having them but not in a big hurry. She decided that we should take the kids home and see how it went from there. So we drove home from Logan (past the hospital we needed to come back to) and got the kids packed to go to grandmas. She then decided that we should go. So we dropped the kids off and headed to Tremonton. There is about 20 miles of construction on the freeway that is single lane. I drive it twice a day and I have never really been slowed down that much. However this time we got behind a motorhome that was doing 35mph and panicking. I was just thinking to myself the whole time really… of all days. Well he got so nervous with all the people behind him that he pulled onto the shoulder to let us though. Thank goodness. We got the the hospital and Ashley calmly checked in and got herself comfortable. She was strep B positive so they had to push two round of antibiotics. This ment that she had an IV en for 5 hours just pushing in penicillin. So around 10:15 she had all her penicillin and was ready. She was at about a 6 so they broke her water. Ashley had already decided to do this one natural since she had such bad experiences with the epidural. This is here just after they broke her water. Acting like a pro.

Ashley just after her water broke.
Ashley just after her water broke.

Well about half an hour after that the contractions starting to really kick in. At about 11:00 she was at an 8 and we were ready. By 11:30 Paxton was here. He had the cord around his neck 2 times but was screaming mad to be here. A sound we like to hear. 08-04-2013-223336-IMGP8806

In Tremonton they do what is called skin to skin. After the baby is cleaned up and checked out they lay them on mom skin to skin. They say it really helps the kids out.

Braylee was so happy to be holding her little brother.

Braylee so excited to have the baby here.

Gavin is proud to be a big brother again. Ready to look out for the family.

Gavin holding Paxton excited to be a big brother again.

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