A New Job

Well, Friday was the last day for me at Nucor Building Systems as an estimator. Three weeks ago I got an email from a company that I had applied with before I had applied with Nucor. They wanted to know if I would want to come to work for them. The problem is that they are down in Bountiful. Thats about 1.5 hours away. I let them know I was interested but that I wasn’t willing to move down there. We visited a little and came up with a solution. So I went down and interviewed with them. They all but offered my the position on the spot. The one who interviewed me is the CFO and he wanted to visit with the programming supervisor (who was on vacation) before he made the choice. The next day while at Grandma Woodbury’s funeral I got the call and they accepted my salary terms and will allow me to work from Malad. So starting Monday I will be working for PlanSwift. I will spend this month down there so I can get to know the team and the software. After that I will be working from Malad and will just go down as needed. Since Paxton is now here I have been kicked out of my office to make room for Braylee. So I will be getting an office in town where I can work from. I’m excited to be working back in my field of software development. It is always a little scary to change jobs. I really enjoyed working for Nucor and with the people I worked with. However this will allow me to be home 2 more hours a day and I’ll be getting paid better. So it came down to what was best for the family. We are excited to make this next step in our family.

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