It has been awhile

Okay, so it has been quite awhile since I have last posted on our blog. Kind of sad actually. If you follow my on Google + you will have seen updated, but I have not gotten anything done on the blog in quite some time.

Well Kade (me) has been working down in Brigham City at Nucor Buillding Systems. I’m an estimator there and I do programming on little projects for them. I estimate the cost to purchase a steel building from NBS. We do anything from small garages to large projects that are over 100,000 square feet.

Ashley just finished work at the after school program. She is glad that it is over and can now stay home. If you don’t already know we are expecting number four. He is due in August. Ashley is not excited about being pregnant all summer, but not much can be done about that now.

Gavin just got out of school. He enjoyed 2nd grade and flew though it. He has made quite a few friends. He just turned 8 and is getting baptized this coming Saturday the 1st of June. He is really excited about it.

Braylee is now 5. She was pretty excited to turn 5. She is starting to get things figured out. She just finished pre-school and she was sick of it. It didn’t take long for her to start complaining about school and how she didn’t want to go. She is going to have a tough 12 more years. She is really busy, and is always asking questions. She likes to help, sometimes more then is needed, and she still loves to ride the motorcycle.

Kallen is now 2. He is a complete package of terrible 2’s. But on the other side he is such a goofball that it compensates for it. The other day we were walking into church and he was walking across the parking lot. The two others split ways around a car and left in in the middle. He just kept walking toward the back of the car, and just as I started to say “Watch out for the car”. He let out a little fake yell and then plastered himself against the back of the car all sprawled out. He thought he was so funny. He is always playing games and trying to play tricks on you.

Number four (because we don’t have a name) is starting to get active. When Ashley settles down in the evening he gets to kicking and carrying on.

Not a lot is new here in our life. We are just enjoying life and living it one day at a time.

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