Our Disney Land Trip

We just got back from Disney Land and it was a pretty fun trip. We left Monday morning starting the 12 hour drive. We got there after dark. Let me tell you. It is fun driving on those freeways when it’s dark. I didn’t get to see to much and my blood pressure went up a bit. We checked into our hotel that night. The kids and Ashley went to the hot tub to relax a little. I think Ashley just wanted to try on her new bathing suit.

That morning all 13 of us piled into our van and headed the two blocks to the Disney parking. We did it this way to save money since we only had to park one vehicle. We looked like a clown car getting out.

Once on the bus the fun started. Within a couple of minutes we were dropped off in front of Disney land. We got our tickets and went into downtown before going into the park. Downtown is just a bunch of shops. Kallen was amazed at everything. He was just going crazy looking around and pointing at all the characters he saw.

We then went into the park. It was pretty much a ghost town. There weren’t very many people there. We pretty much walked right onto splash mountain. Gavin wanted to be brave and decided he would sit in front. That’s where you get the big view as you make the big drop and get splashed. He did awesome and loved it.

We walked right onto Pirates of the Caribbean. When Ashley and I went the first time it was closed because they were redoing it to match more of the movie and adding Jack to it. It was an awesome ride. Very creative. Kallen didn’t like it though. It scared him because it was dark, loud, and had a few drops in it. He clung to Ashley like his life depended on it. He only looked up when he pointed out dogs. A few rides later we ended up on Thunder Mountain. Again we pretty much walked right on.

Braylee got on with us. She was brave and wanted to try it. You have to watch the video to get the full pictures. She did awesome. It was pretty funny.

The trip was great. We spent 3 days in Disney Land. We were able to pretty much walk onto all the rides. Even the new ones. A few of the kids got to go on the new Radiator Springs Racing one twice because the line was so short. We went on Toy Story shooting one twice too because it was only a 15 minute wait. I think our longest wait was 25-30 minutes to get on a ride. Gavin and I actually went on star tours back to back because no one was on it. We just walked right on, got out ran around and went right on again. We also just walked right onto Space Mountain. It was haunted by a ghost and made it extra scary. Gavin wasn’t all that impress when he got off and didn’t want to go again. It was fun being there during Halloween because everything was all decorated and there were a lot of costumes around. They day after Halloween though most of the stuff had been changed to Christmas. Toontown was done in Christmas, and others. There were Christmas trees, and ornaments. So we got to see both Halloween and Christmas.

Kallen did get used to the rides. He cried through most of them at first and then started getting them figured out. When we went through Pirates of the Caribbean again he didn’t cry.

It was a lot of fun. The kids did awesome on the drive. They didn’t complain at all. It all just turned out great.

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