Gavin’s First year at Baseball

This was Gavins first year playing baseball. He had a lot of fun at it. His team was a really young team of kids who have not played before. So they didn’t do that well as a team. But the did come a long way as to understanding the game, and in their skills. Gavin struggled the first game. he got on base once, and ended up scoring but he struck out all the other times. We worked with him on batting, and on his grounders. After that he got on base almost every time. It was pretty cool. He is really fast so that helps. He can’t hit very far but he can usually get to base by the time they got the ball and though it. He did get out a few times though. He was playing in outfield because he is fast. He would hustle to the ball. But he can’t throw very far yet so it was a little difficult. He had a lot of fun anyways.


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