Man of La Mancha

Well most of you know that I was in my first play about 1 month ago. It was a fun experience. Mike Hess Jr. was the one who directed the play so when it came down to casting the comic relief, he thought of a fat bald guy. He thought of a fat, bald guy, who doesn’t mind getting laughed at and somehow he landed on me. He called and asked if I would like to play Sancho in Man of La Mancha. Now the thing is I remember Man of La Mancha from high school. At least I thought I did. Turns out all I remember was some crazy guy fighting a windmill. I tuned out at that point and don’t remember much else. For those who don’t know it is actually a play inside a play. It takes place in a prison. The two new inmates are put on trial by their peers. In their defense they tell the story of Man of La Mancha, and have the other inmates play the parts. Don Quixote is an old man who has read to many books of knight errantry and now thinks he is a night in the 1600 where knights don’t exist. Sancho is his faithful squire who just enjoys the adventure and being out with his master. Sancho follows Don Quixote around and helps in get out of sticky situations. I’m included a video of my big number. I actually had 3 solo’s. That is a pretty big leap for me. Fortunately for me, Sancho isn’t supposed to sing in tune. It adds to his character. Not so fortunate for everyone else.

The play was a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of time. Ashley was very understanding and supporting. 3-4 nights a week I would leave at 5:30 and get back around 10. The kids loved it. Gavin still goes around singing the songs from the play, and anytime I was working on the footage they all would stop what they were doing and watch. Gavin now wants to be in a play. So at the expense of my personal dignity I’m putting this video up for all you to see.


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