A day in the life of Braylee

So Braylee was full of energy and not good energy at that.

We start the day when she wants me to carry her upstairs because her legs don’t work.  So when she realized that she was going to have to walk she sat and cried for a good 5 minutes.  I should have known that this was only the start of a very long day.

Next she won’t change out of her pjs and is just bugging Kallen.  Finally, Kallen goes down for a nap and Braylee decides to go outside.  This is wonderful since I am working on family history and am sick of constantly being intrupted.  She can’t hurt anything outside right.  Well, wrong.  As I am getting out of the shower Kade informs me that I need to look at the van.  I already know who the mastermind behind whatever is on the van so, I ask Braylee what she has done. She smiles and just lifts her shoulders.  Well, surprise our blue van has been painted white on the drivers side. Also, some of the car. So needless to say instead of cleaning the house I now have to wash both vehicles.

So now back to family history and Braylee wakes up Kallen because she wants to play. So now I have a cranky one year old and an upset 3 year old.

Well we fix lunch and during that she makes a mess downstairs and is insistent she is not going to clean it up. She also found a marker and proceeded to draw on Kallen and herself. Again in her room crying.

Finally helps clean up and we sit down to watch a movie and put Kallen down for another nap. Gavin comes home from school and I have been drifting in and out of sleep. Now she is hungry and can’t wait 45 minutes until dinner. I tell her she can have two crackers if she will just sit down and watch the movie. Well she can’t find the right ones so she is making a lot of noise in the kitchen and Kallen’s room is right across from it. So I ask her to be quiet and she starts crying and again wakes him up again.

Then later while Kallen and Braylee are in the tub. I am not sure what I was a thinking by now. Well the Braylee monster hits again and is pouring water on Kallen and he is crying. So the monster goes to bed crying and up happy while the parents are just glad that she is still alive and finally somewhere where she cannot make any more trouble.

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