Easter was pretty fun at our house this year. The kids were really excited. Gavin more so then ever. He loved doing Easter egg hunts. For months the kids have been hiding eggs around the yard and finding them.

It all started on Saturday. We went to the city easter egg hunt. The kids loved it. It was Kallens first hunt. He figured it out really quick. He would walk around grab an egg and plunk it into the basket. It was really cute.

Then we went home, and I started smoking a ham. Gavin wanted to do his own Easter egg hunt so he got a bunch of eggs, filled them with his candy, and his own money, and hid them. Then he made all of us go out, stand on the side walk to get ready and started us out. Kallen thought it was pretty fun to go get more eggs. Well we got all the eggs and went back inside. Braylee had found an empty egg and wanted to know why. While I was in the kitchen working on something I could hear the whole conversation. Gavin proceeded to explain to Braylee that she was lucky to get that egg, because it represent the resurrection when “tube” (His words) was empty. He proceeded to explain to her that Easter isn’t about the candy its about the resurrection. It was pretty neat to listen from the other room as my little boy described to his little sister the true importance of Easter.

Saturday was spent at my parents place (Kade). We had a lot of fun. We got to see the new baby, and Dezi and Trevor were there trying to pull themselves back together and get ready for the long haul of the NICU.

Sunday was pretty fun. The kids got up and saw what the Easter bunny had brought, and did yet another egg hunt. We went to church in their new close, then we went back over to my parents for an hour or so while we waited for all the Sperry’s to get out of church. We then went over there did yet another egg hunt, and dinner and spent some good time visiting with family. All in all it was pretty fun. Even if the one picture doesn’t really say so :).

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