Spring break to SLC

Monday and Tuesday we took a trip down to SLC and stayed the night. The kids had a blast. We first stopped in at the Tree house museum in Ogden and played around. There is a lot of stuff to do there and the kids stayed busy the whole time. Kallen thought it was great too. He has all kinds of room to run around and he could play with everything he saw. We then went to SLC and checked into our hotel. The kids were so excited to go swimming that we had to go right then. So we spent a couple of hours swimming. They thought it was great. We then went to the new mall across from temple square (City Creek). It was really cool there. It is an indoor/outdoor mall that crosses over one of the streets. It has water fountains and a creek running though it. We took the kids over to the Disney store where the could pick something out to buy with their money. I went into the Porche store to see the prices. I looked at a jacket and it was $2,600. CRAZY!!. We then walked across temple square and to the conference center. We got a tour that was pretty cool. I hadn’t been on top of the conference center before. It is really cool up there. We then took the kids back and they crashed. The next morning though they were up again to go swimming. So we did that and then we headed to the Hogle Zoo. They kids had fun there too. There is a baby elephant there that they all liked. We also saw a baby monkey that was tiny. Everyone was pretty wore out by then. So we headed out. We stopped at Ogden to see Aunt Dezi in the hospital after giving birth to Statlyn (sp). He was only 4 lbs 4 ounces. So we couldn’t see him. Kallen fell asleep when we left the zoo. He didn’t wake up when we stopped at the hospital, or at costco, or to gas up. He was out, the poor guy was tired. All in all it was pretty fun. We finished the day out by going over to the Tubb’s and seeing Maysi’s new one Taggert (sp). Who just got home the night before. Yep two new cousins. One on the 1st and the other on the 2nd.

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