Braylee’s comments of the day.

so Braylee has been on a roll today with her comments. We are really not sure where she is getting them.

She was helping Ashley cook, and Ashley needed her to stop doing something. Braylee as usual was not listening so Ashley had to raiser her voice a bit. Braylee responded to this with “mom don’t yell at me in front of my friends”. There were no other people there. unless of course you include her make believe friend yaya.

A few hours later Ashley asked her to stop doing something else and she responded with “mom don’t worry about it”.

A few hours later her and Gavin were watching a movie and eating puppy chow. She came upstairs handed us an empty bowl and told us that Gavin did not want his so she put it in her bowl and then she left with the full bowl to finish her movie.

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