Having fun with the Camera

Here are the latest pictures. I thought I better take some while it was still warm outside. Gavin did a good job of holding Braylee but she didn’t really want to participate. They turned out alright anyway. As you can see both of the kids are growing up way too fast.

Who looks better? It is a toss up. Since Braylee looks just like Kade this is what he would have looked like as a girl.
Except Braylee is way more cute!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Having fun with the Camera”

  1. Hey guys! I was blog jumping thru Amelia’s and came across you guys. How are things? You have a little girl, how wonderful. We are still trying for a little boy. Hope all is well!!!

  2. Huh…That’s pretty scary how much Braylee looks like Kade! :) I’m going to have to go with Braylee being cuter though…sorry Kade! :)

    BTW…What are you feeding that kid Ash–straight cream? She’s a little chunky monkey…so cute though.

  3. Hi Ashley,

    I hope you don’t mind me peeking. Your little ones are so cute. I haven’t seen you in forever… you are still just as cute as I remember. How are you?

  4. Ok, so this so funny! Hopefully you remember me, we used to live across from you guys in Nampa. Anyway, I grew up with Aleisha McConkie and saw that she had a link to your blog. I thought there was no way it would really be you guys, but-small world! Congratulations on the baby girl, I can’t believe how grown up Gavin is. Hope all is well with your family, keep in touch!

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