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Last week in Nampa

Well this is our last week in Nampa. We have lived here just over 6 years. Gavin was just a few months old when we moved in, and the subdivision was still mostly empty. We were in the first ward and we attended at the northside building. We sat with the Rick’s up towards the front in about the 2nd row and although our ward has split and we have moved into a new building thats where we still sit. It has been a lot of fun here. It has been great to be so close to friends with such little kids and watch them all grow. Gavin and Braylee love to be able to go and visit their friends and be able to be so close. It will be an adjustment for them. Gavin who started school here will be attending the 1st grade in Malad. He will start on Monday. He is a little nervous to be going to a new school. I know what he feels like because I did the same thing. I was a few years older though. His teacher here wasn’t there on Friday and she sent Ashley an email to see if she could come and see him on Monday. It was really nice. Gavin was sick on Thursday night throwing up most of the night. So we kept him home that morning. When he woke up he came down and told us that he wanted to go to school and he felt fine. He was pretty adamant that he. I guess when Ashley took him everyone was really excited to see him.

We are really going to miss all our friends here in Nampa. We have had a lot of really great support from them. The McConkie’s and Petersen’s have become close friends and have given a lot of services to our family.

There is so much love in our ward. We have never felt out of place, because everyone is so friendly and willing to help out. It had been great to be in this stage of our lives and to have so many others that are in the same stage and that have the same standards as we do. It really has been a blessing.

We look forward to turning the page to a new stage in our lives. This is the busy one with kids being in school and growing up. We are intimated as parents to be raising Gods children. We fill a lot of pressure to raise righteous children who can serve the Lord when the time is right. We look forward to being close to family to both be helped in this process and to help them in this process. We look forward to being able to serve the Lord in different capacities. Ashley is really going to miss the primary. It is big and has been a challenging calling, but she has grown closer to the kids and to her Heavenly Father in the processes. I have loved serving in the primary and being close to the kids. It has been awesome to watch them grow in the gospel and to learn things of their Father in Heaven.

Thank you to all those who have been in our lives. Those who have served us, brought us dinners, watched our kids, donated time, and resources. It has meant a lot to use. Thank you to those who let us serve them. We often feel we don’t have much to give, but thanks to those who let us give the little can give. The widows mite was not much but I’m sure when she gave that donation it felt like a million bucks. We are the same. We don’t have much to give but when we can give a little it feels great, so thanks to those who have allowed us to give.

We will miss the 36th ward and all our friends. Good luck in your future endeavors and may you stay close to the Lord.


The Price Family.