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New home

WE ARE IN!!!!. So we have spent the week moving. We got all the big stuff in on Tuesday. Jason Sperry and +Austin Maysi Tubbs helped A LOT on Tuesday to get just about everything big in. The young men cam Tuesday night to help with the rest. We were able to sleep in the house from then on. But there has still been a lot of stuff to get over here and unpacked. +Ashley Price and I have been working all week at moving stuff over, unpacking and loading back up and moving. Ashley has done most of that work.

So today we organized the family to come help get the rest of the stuff. It was a lot of help. Within 2 hours we had the house empty and we everything into the new place. Ashley was able to get over to the old place with some family to clean. We are now done over there. It is now the process of getting everything organized and put away here.

I have most of my stuff done. My office is setup in the mud/laundry room (way better then the basement/cellar). TV mounted and surround sound hooked up (Need cable ties to clean it up), family computer with media server setup, water line ran to the fridge, washer and drier hooked up (first thing). Beds all setup, and other man things that need done :).

We are just glad to be in here and out of the other place. Now only one place to work.

For those who don’t know we have moved into a house that is about 300 yards north of the house I grew up in. I grew up looking at this house as the school bus came around it, then running to get our bags. It is kind of weird to be in here because I never thought I would live in that house. The family that was in here before us (The Beck’s) have put a lot into this house. It will be 100 years old next year and you wouldn’t know it by how solid it is now. It is very warm, cozy, and quite. The walls are all strait and solid. It is amazing for how old it is. We are really grateful to be in this house. It is also on 3 acres that we will first use as a bike track and then later for animals as we decided to get them. Lots of room for the kids.


A New Job

Well, Friday was the last day for me at Nucor Building Systems as an estimator. Three weeks ago I got an email from a company that I had applied with before I had applied with Nucor. They wanted to know if I would want to come to work for them. The problem is that they are down in Bountiful. Thats about 1.5 hours away. I let them know I was interested but that I wasn’t willing to move down there. We visited a little and came up with a solution. So I went down and interviewed with them. They all but offered my the position on the spot. The one who interviewed me is the CFO and he wanted to visit with the programming supervisor (who was on vacation) before he made the choice. The next day while at Grandma Woodbury’s funeral I got the call and they accepted my salary terms and will allow me to work from Malad. So starting Monday I will be working for PlanSwift. I will spend this month down there so I can get to know the team and the software. After that I will be working from Malad and will just go down as needed. Since Paxton is now here I have been kicked out of my office to make room for Braylee. So I will be getting an office in town where I can work from. I’m excited to be working back in my field of software development. It is always a little scary to change jobs. I really enjoyed working for Nucor and with the people I worked with. However this will allow me to be home 2 more hours a day and I’ll be getting paid better. So it came down to what was best for the family. We are excited to make this next step in our family.

Paxton Wallace Price

Well Paxton is here. He has been with us now for 4 weeks. He is suck a great blessing to have in the family. We were surprised to find that we were having another boy. Braylee was bummed. She is okay with it now though. He was born on Aug 4th 2013 at 11:30. He was 21″ and 6lb 6oz. Ashley is a rock star. She handled everything like a champ. We were at Uncle Michaels and Aunt Cami’s baby blessing for Olivia. She said she was having pretty good contraction during the second hour of church but that she was doing okay. She had been having pretty consistant contractions for a few days. As a matter of fact the night before we went on a walk and I was timing them. She was so consistent while walking that at one point I counted down to when one would start. As soon as I hit 0 it started. She let out a little grunt not really expecting it and then gave me a dirt look and asked why I would do something like that.

Anyways, after church we went to the Sperry’s to have dinner that took a few more hours. She said she was still having them but not in a big hurry. She decided that we should take the kids home and see how it went from there. So we drove home from Logan (past the hospital we needed to come back to) and got the kids packed to go to grandmas. She then decided that we should go. So we dropped the kids off and headed to Tremonton. There is about 20 miles of construction on the freeway that is single lane. I drive it twice a day and I have never really been slowed down that much. However this time we got behind a motorhome that was doing 35mph and panicking. I was just thinking to myself the whole time really… of all days. Well he got so nervous with all the people behind him that he pulled onto the shoulder to let us though. Thank goodness. We got the the hospital and Ashley calmly checked in and got herself comfortable. She was strep B positive so they had to push two round of antibiotics. This ment that she had an IV en for 5 hours just pushing in penicillin. So around 10:15 she had all her penicillin and was ready. She was at about a 6 so they broke her water. Ashley had already decided to do this one natural since she had such bad experiences with the epidural. This is here just after they broke her water. Acting like a pro.

Ashley just after her water broke.
Ashley just after her water broke.

Well about half an hour after that the contractions starting to really kick in. At about 11:00 she was at an 8 and we were ready. By 11:30 Paxton was here. He had the cord around his neck 2 times but was screaming mad to be here. A sound we like to hear. 08-04-2013-223336-IMGP8806

In Tremonton they do what is called skin to skin. After the baby is cleaned up and checked out they lay them on mom skin to skin. They say it really helps the kids out.

Braylee was so happy to be holding her little brother.

Braylee so excited to have the baby here.

Gavin is proud to be a big brother again. Ready to look out for the family.

Gavin holding Paxton excited to be a big brother again.

It has been awhile

Okay, so it has been quite awhile since I have last posted on our blog. Kind of sad actually. If you follow my on Google + you will have seen updated, but I have not gotten anything done on the blog in quite some time.

Well Kade (me) has been working down in Brigham City at Nucor Buillding Systems. I’m an estimator there and I do programming on little projects for them. I estimate the cost to purchase a steel building from NBS. We do anything from small garages to large projects that are over 100,000 square feet.

Ashley just finished work at the after school program. She is glad that it is over and can now stay home. If you don’t already know we are expecting number four. He is due in August. Ashley is not excited about being pregnant all summer, but not much can be done about that now.

Gavin just got out of school. He enjoyed 2nd grade and flew though it. He has made quite a few friends. He just turned 8 and is getting baptized this coming Saturday the 1st of June. He is really excited about it.

Braylee is now 5. She was pretty excited to turn 5. She is starting to get things figured out. She just finished pre-school and she was sick of it. It didn’t take long for her to start complaining about school and how she didn’t want to go. She is going to have a tough 12 more years. She is really busy, and is always asking questions. She likes to help, sometimes more then is needed, and she still loves to ride the motorcycle.

Kallen is now 2. He is a complete package of terrible 2’s. But on the other side he is such a goofball that it compensates for it. The other day we were walking into church and he was walking across the parking lot. The two others split ways around a car and left in in the middle. He just kept walking toward the back of the car, and just as I started to say “Watch out for the car”. He let out a little fake yell and then plastered himself against the back of the car all sprawled out. He thought he was so funny. He is always playing games and trying to play tricks on you.

Number four (because we don’t have a name) is starting to get active. When Ashley settles down in the evening he gets to kicking and carrying on.

Not a lot is new here in our life. We are just enjoying life and living it one day at a time.

Year End Video

So I’ve been a slacker on updating our blog. To be honest nothing really that exciting has happened. At least not in my view I guess. Although I used to be good about updating things the kids were doing. Any who I have put together a year end video that runs down our life over the last year. It is kind of long. 24 minutes long. But it pretty much sums up everything that has been going on.

As for Christmas it was good. The kids really had fun. They were really excited about it this year. Santa brought most of the things they had asked for. Except the Ipad for Gavin. Ashley and I got what we were asking for and that’s a good job for me. All in all its been a good year. So without further a due here is the video.

Our Disney Land Trip

We just got back from Disney Land and it was a pretty fun trip. We left Monday morning starting the 12 hour drive. We got there after dark. Let me tell you. It is fun driving on those freeways when it’s dark. I didn’t get to see to much and my blood pressure went up a bit. We checked into our hotel that night. The kids and Ashley went to the hot tub to relax a little. I think Ashley just wanted to try on her new bathing suit.

That morning all 13 of us piled into our van and headed the two blocks to the Disney parking. We did it this way to save money since we only had to park one vehicle. We looked like a clown car getting out.

Once on the bus the fun started. Within a couple of minutes we were dropped off in front of Disney land. We got our tickets and went into downtown before going into the park. Downtown is just a bunch of shops. Kallen was amazed at everything. He was just going crazy looking around and pointing at all the characters he saw.

We then went into the park. It was pretty much a ghost town. There weren’t very many people there. We pretty much walked right onto splash mountain. Gavin wanted to be brave and decided he would sit in front. That’s where you get the big view as you make the big drop and get splashed. He did awesome and loved it.

We walked right onto Pirates of the Caribbean. When Ashley and I went the first time it was closed because they were redoing it to match more of the movie and adding Jack to it. It was an awesome ride. Very creative. Kallen didn’t like it though. It scared him because it was dark, loud, and had a few drops in it. He clung to Ashley like his life depended on it. He only looked up when he pointed out dogs. A few rides later we ended up on Thunder Mountain. Again we pretty much walked right on.

Braylee got on with us. She was brave and wanted to try it. You have to watch the video to get the full pictures. She did awesome. It was pretty funny.

The trip was great. We spent 3 days in Disney Land. We were able to pretty much walk onto all the rides. Even the new ones. A few of the kids got to go on the new Radiator Springs Racing one twice because the line was so short. We went on Toy Story shooting one twice too because it was only a 15 minute wait. I think our longest wait was 25-30 minutes to get on a ride. Gavin and I actually went on star tours back to back because no one was on it. We just walked right on, got out ran around and went right on again. We also just walked right onto Space Mountain. It was haunted by a ghost and made it extra scary. Gavin wasn’t all that impress when he got off and didn’t want to go again. It was fun being there during Halloween because everything was all decorated and there were a lot of costumes around. They day after Halloween though most of the stuff had been changed to Christmas. Toontown was done in Christmas, and others. There were Christmas trees, and ornaments. So we got to see both Halloween and Christmas.

Kallen did get used to the rides. He cried through most of them at first and then started getting them figured out. When we went through Pirates of the Caribbean again he didn’t cry.

It was a lot of fun. The kids did awesome on the drive. They didn’t complain at all. It all just turned out great.

Gavin’s First year at Baseball

This was Gavins first year playing baseball. He had a lot of fun at it. His team was a really young team of kids who have not played before. So they didn’t do that well as a team. But the did come a long way as to understanding the game, and in their skills. Gavin struggled the first game. he got on base once, and ended up scoring but he struck out all the other times. We worked with him on batting, and on his grounders. After that he got on base almost every time. It was pretty cool. He is really fast so that helps. He can’t hit very far but he can usually get to base by the time they got the ball and though it. He did get out a few times though. He was playing in outfield because he is fast. He would hustle to the ball. But he can’t throw very far yet so it was a little difficult. He had a lot of fun anyways.


Man of La Mancha

Well most of you know that I was in my first play about 1 month ago. It was a fun experience. Mike Hess Jr. was the one who directed the play so when it came down to casting the comic relief, he thought of a fat bald guy. He thought of a fat, bald guy, who doesn’t mind getting laughed at and somehow he landed on me. He called and asked if I would like to play Sancho in Man of La Mancha. Now the thing is I remember Man of La Mancha from high school. At least I thought I did. Turns out all I remember was some crazy guy fighting a windmill. I tuned out at that point and don’t remember much else. For those who don’t know it is actually a play inside a play. It takes place in a prison. The two new inmates are put on trial by their peers. In their defense they tell the story of Man of La Mancha, and have the other inmates play the parts. Don Quixote is an old man who has read to many books of knight errantry and now thinks he is a night in the 1600 where knights don’t exist. Sancho is his faithful squire who just enjoys the adventure and being out with his master. Sancho follows Don Quixote around and helps in get out of sticky situations. I’m included a video of my big number. I actually had 3 solo’s. That is a pretty big leap for me. Fortunately for me, Sancho isn’t supposed to sing in tune. It adds to his character. Not so fortunate for everyone else.

The play was a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of time. Ashley was very understanding and supporting. 3-4 nights a week I would leave at 5:30 and get back around 10. The kids loved it. Gavin still goes around singing the songs from the play, and anytime I was working on the footage they all would stop what they were doing and watch. Gavin now wants to be in a play. So at the expense of my personal dignity I’m putting this video up for all you to see.


A day in the life of Braylee

So Braylee was full of energy and not good energy at that.

We start the day when she wants me to carry her upstairs because her legs don’t work.  So when she realized that she was going to have to walk she sat and cried for a good 5 minutes.  I should have known that this was only the start of a very long day.

Next she won’t change out of her pjs and is just bugging Kallen.  Finally, Kallen goes down for a nap and Braylee decides to go outside.  This is wonderful since I am working on family history and am sick of constantly being intrupted.  She can’t hurt anything outside right.  Well, wrong.  As I am getting out of the shower Kade informs me that I need to look at the van.  I already know who the mastermind behind whatever is on the van so, I ask Braylee what she has done. She smiles and just lifts her shoulders.  Well, surprise our blue van has been painted white on the drivers side. Also, some of the car. So needless to say instead of cleaning the house I now have to wash both vehicles.

So now back to family history and Braylee wakes up Kallen because she wants to play. So now I have a cranky one year old and an upset 3 year old.

Well we fix lunch and during that she makes a mess downstairs and is insistent she is not going to clean it up. She also found a marker and proceeded to draw on Kallen and herself. Again in her room crying.

Finally helps clean up and we sit down to watch a movie and put Kallen down for another nap. Gavin comes home from school and I have been drifting in and out of sleep. Now she is hungry and can’t wait 45 minutes until dinner. I tell her she can have two crackers if she will just sit down and watch the movie. Well she can’t find the right ones so she is making a lot of noise in the kitchen and Kallen’s room is right across from it. So I ask her to be quiet and she starts crying and again wakes him up again.

Then later while Kallen and Braylee are in the tub. I am not sure what I was a thinking by now. Well the Braylee monster hits again and is pouring water on Kallen and he is crying. So the monster goes to bed crying and up happy while the parents are just glad that she is still alive and finally somewhere where she cannot make any more trouble.